Simpler aged care means testing forms

ACSA attended the second Department of Human Services Aged Care Forms Taskforce meeting in Canberra on Thursday 18 October 2018.

21 Oct 2018


Better Access to Care - simpler forms is a 2018-19 Budget Measure ‘to create a simpler short form for means testing consumers with straightforward financial affairs. This new form will be implemented by May 2019. The Taskforce will also make recommendations on simplifying the means testing forms and process for all aged care consumers, including for consumers with more complex financial affairs’.  The two existing forms are: Aged Care Fees Income Assessment (SA456) and Permanent Residential Aged Care - Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment (SA457).

A progress report is due to be sent to the Government by December 2018 with the new form(s) to be implemented by May 2019.  No policy or legislative changes will be involved in this phase of the project but will be captured for later consideration.  The Department noted that a significant number of people completing the forms now don’t need to because the Department already has relevant information for the purposes of means-testing income support payments.

Prior to the taskforce meeting, the Department held three days of user testing on draft revised forms.  23 people participated in the user testing including ACSA Members.  Overall feedback from the user testing and taskforce members is that the forms should be simplified even further.

Please email suggestions for improving the aged care means testing forms to and ACSA will forward your suggestions to the Department of Human Services.