South Australia scores a first launching of a new era of learning and teaching.

ACSA member provider, Kalyra Communities, launched Australia’s first co-built educational and aged-care facility earlier this year.

13 Aug 2019

The Southern Montessori Middle School, which has been built on the grounds of Kalyra Woodcroft Aged Care, consists of three classrooms with a total capacity for approximately 60 students, costing in the vicinity of $1,250,000.

“Kalyra Communities mission is to service people in need, which we’ve been committed to for 127 years. This project is a wonderful expression of our mission in action within a community in which we operate” explained Kalyra Communities CEO, Sara Blunt.

Noel Browne, Principal Southern Montessori, explained, “Society is facing increasing age segregation which we believe can be influenced by learning programmes and intergenerational care opportunities.  By encouraging interaction between the young and old, meaningful understanding and connection can be built between the two generations. This can only lead to a more balanced and well-functioning society.”

ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow supports this sentiment adding, “It’s wonderful to see younger and older Australians coming together. 

“The opportunity created by Kalyra and Montessori co-locating has intergenerational benefits.  There are so  many positive aspects for both younger and older people in sharing knowledge, being exposed to different perspectives and experiences, as well as emotional and mental health benefits with combating feelings of sadness or loneliness,” she said.

The Southern Montessori Middle School is located at 54 Woodcroft Drive, Morphett Vale, South Australia.