Putting Professional Boundaries in Focus

All relationships have boundaries – but when it comes to providing care, establishing and maintaining clear professional boundaries is essential.

11 Feb 2020

Professional boundaries are those rules and limits that prevent the lines between carer and client from becoming blurred. To maintain a safe work environment, the parameters of professional relationships with clients must be established. 

These rules govern how we interact in our relationships with others, indicating what we find to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.

Professional boundaries are set by legal, ethical and organisational frameworks to maintain a safe working environment for both the client, but also the caring staff too.

Some examples of professional boundaries may include:

  • Not discussing a client’s private health information with others;
  • Keeping work contact numbers separate to your personal contact numbers;
  • Not performing additional favours for clients, outside of the scope of your role.


ACSA is offering a series of workshops on ‘Maintaining Professional Boundaries’ that explores the reasons our relationships are important.

By identifying strategies to deal with relationship challenges, participants will be better prepared to manage relationships in healthy ways.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of the risks and consequences for everyone when needs change or people go beyond expectations and how to address this respectfully.

This topic aligns with Aged Care Quality Standards 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of right relationship
  • Identify the impact of the home as the workplace
  • Understand what constitutes professional behaviour
  • Clarify the difference between “friend” and “friendly”

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