New release on GEN: Quality in aged care

Quality in aged care is a new topic recently added and now live on the GEN Aged Care Data website.

17 Dec 2019

This topic includes information and the latest data from the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program.

Data is collected by service providers at the service level and submitted to the Department of Health via the My Aged Care Provider Portal or, with the prior agreement of the Department, through a commercial benchmarking company.

Data for the first quarter—July to September 2019—is described in this release in December 2019.

The data shows response levels are considered good for the first quarter of data collection. The 2,413 records with QI data available for analysis represent 90% of the 2,688 residential aged care services identified in the NACDC.

The completeness of the data submitted by residential aged care services varied for the 3 QIs:

  • 36 residential aged care services did not supply data on pressure injuries
  • 27 residential aged care services did not supply data on use of physical restraints
  • 201 residential aged care services did not supply data on unplanned weight loss.

These numbers are relatively low.

Reporting against unplanned weight loss indicators was perhaps more complete than expected, as the collection of weight data for the prior March to June quarter (from which to calculate a loss over time) had not been made mandatory under QI Program legislation.

Review the first results from the QI Program in the explore quality indicators area of the website.

Technical notes on the compilation of Quality Indicators for July to September 2019, including data quality, are available here.


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