How will your organisation meet current and future workforce requirements?

Our current aged care workforce is not only ageing, but many organisations are having trouble filling their vacancies, particularly in the face of COVID-19.

10 Sep 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to job losses for many people and as a result they may be considering new career options. Stricter conditions and reduced rates for JobSeeker payments will result in even more unemployed people looking for work.

We need more workers now to help the sector care for older Australians.

ACSA recognises the urgent need to address these workforce issues and we are supporting the sector to achieve a skilled and sustainable workforce.

The Aged Care Services Workforce Hub is the go-to place for your organisation’s workforce requirements. Our free online Hub includes the Employment Register, Suitability Testing, events and training information and key employment resources such as the ‘Right-fit’ Kit.

This platform has been developed to help you find ‘right-fit’ staff in your region, at no cost. 

Register on the Hub and you will have access to more than 200 applications from job seekers who are looking to work in the sector. 

For organisations looking to employ, the Employment Register supports cost effective and efficient recruitment.

To further support the sector’s workforce, ACSA’s Online Employment Information Sessions and Job Ready Programs are being held regularly for anyone across Australia who is interested in a career in Aged Care. The sessions are resulting in additional registrations on the Employment Register.

Don’t miss the opportunity to access a pool of ‘right-fit’ job seekers in your region.



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