Generational Awareness Week - Celebrates Age Diversity

Generational Awareness Week is an initiative of the Young Leaders Network, which builds on the ACSA Certificate IV Leisure and Lifestyle program.

07 Aug 2019

This is only one of the many ways we can celebrate age diversity, but it allows program participants to run their own event in their organisation as part of their assessment in the Certificate IV training.

What are we celebrating?

  • 5 Generations are now working together in the Aged Services Sector

  • 50% of Aged Services staff will retire in the next few years

  • By next year, 45% of people working in the sector will be millennials

Members of The Young Leaders Network have worked through some of the challenges and benefits of having 5 generations working side by side in an organisation. As a result, they agreed that Aged Service organisations should embrace the age diversity of their workforce by hosting a series of events as part of a Generational Awareness Week.   

Each generation is shaped by the events and culture in which they lived – so it’s important to join together to acknowledge the generational differences and celebrate who we are and what makes us different. 

We are encouraging all aged service organisations to celebrate in their workplace by hosting an event or activity during Generational Awareness Week September 16 – 20.

It could be as simple as hosting a morning tea and discussing your favourite childhood memories with staff, volunteers and residents or creating a display of photos from different generations.  You could also ask staff and residents to bring along an item (music, food, clothing) that represents their generation!

If you would like to host an event to celebrate and recognise age diversity in your workplace, go to ACSA’s Workforce Hub to find out how your organisations can get involved. You can also register your event and download materials to help promote the activities in your workplace.

For further information on Generational Awareness Week, please contact Lee Veitch - Workforce & Industry Development Manager – by telephone on (03) 6105 0246 or 0409 415 923 or via email at