Effective Clinical Governance Workshop Series

Effective clinical governance is critical to the delivery of safe and high-quality care for aged care consumers[1]. Clinical governance is as important as financial, risk and other business governance, and includes leadership behaviours, policies, procedures, and monitoring and improvement mechanisms that are directed towards ensuring good clinical outcomes[2].


21 Jul 2021

The Effective Clinical Governance Workshop Series enables your organisation to learn the key skills to ensure effective clinical governance and to understand the components required for an effective clinical governance system.

The workshops are designed for executives and managers delivering services including CHSP, Home Care and Residential Care, who are responsible for quality, compliance, clinical governance, clinical care, governance, and business operation.

Participant learning outcomes include:

  • A well-defined understanding of effective clinical governance and the systems and process that are part of the Clinical Governance Framework.

  • Practical insight, tools and strategies to strengthen your clinical governance framework.

  • Effective use of surveillance and monitoring tools as part of your organisation’s Clinical Governance Framework.

  • A clear understanding of clinical leadership and workforce capability.

  • Review of case studies and the lessons derived from addressing incidents and how to embed learnings to improve clinical monitoring within your organisation.

The workshops are delivered by two highly qualified ACSA Consultants, Annastacia Wainaina and Anna Klis.

Annastacia Wainaina is an author, keynote speaker, transformational coach, and provides strategic support for management in aged care and hospitals. She is an experienced clinical consultant and coach who focuses on optimizing leadership capability to achieve outcomes. Annastacia holds a Master of International Law and a Master of Business Administration.

Anna Klis is the Director and CEO of A.K Consultancy. With 17 years’ experience in the health and aged care industry, Anna assists leaders to formulate culturally sensitive solutions and well-developed strategies to maximise organisational performance, address risk management, with a focus on rigorous governance frameworks and system implementation. Anna is a registered nurse and holds a Master of Public Health.

Workshop Series Schedule:

  1. Workshop 1: Clinical Governance Overview
    Wednesday 18th August 2021, 1:00pm – 3:00 pm (AEST)

  1. Workshop 2: Effective Quality and Risk Management Systems for Effective Clinical Governance
    Wednesday 25th August 1:00pm - 3:00pm (AEST)

  2. Workshop 3: - Clinical Leadership and Workforce Capability
    Wednesday 1st September 1:00pm – 3:00pm (AEST).