Do your staff have the skills they need to respond and act through the pandemic?

As we all transition into the ‘new normal’, it is critical for your workforce to be prepared. Organisations need to ensure their staff have the tools and resources required to adapt to the current environment. Upskilling and training your staff will enable your organisation to work through this crisis and help to prepare for the future.

16 Jul 2020

ACSA is actively supporting organisations to help you manage through these challenging and uncertain times.  As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, protecting older Australians and the staff who look after them is more vital than ever.

As you respond to the needs of your organisation, we can support you to grow and adapt to ensure your workforce develops the new skills and knowledge required. The delivery of the best possible care can be assured where staff receive adequate training and support.

ACSA’s Learning Management System provides free access to online learning from industry experts and all in one place.

The readily available training programs include:

  • How to prepare an Emergency Management Plan - a good emergency plan prepares you and your organisation for unexpected disruptions. Learn how to prepare an emergency management plan to help protect your organisation before, during and after an emergency.
  • COVID-19 - access the training you need to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This course is delivered by the Department of Health and covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.
  • Infection Prevention & Control – the prevention and timely control of infections is an essential component of providing quality care to older Australians along with maintaining a healthy and safe workplace.  This course will provide you with key information to enable you to gain an understanding of the transmission of infections, and knowing how and when to apply the basic principles of infection prevention and control.


Given the current environment, your organisation may also benefit from an Online Induction Program. Online inductions are an effective and convenient solution for employers and employees that can be completed at any time from any location.

By choosing to induct online you will be able to train your employees and contractors in an easy, cost-effective way. Other advantages include increased employee productivity and the delivery of consistent information to guarantee that everyone receives a uniform induction experience.

This program is available on-demand and ACSA will work with you to develop an online induction that works for you.

ACSA’s Job ready programs prepare your workforce for a career in aged care services.  The Job Ready programs offer a range of essential skills through a series of facilitated workshops and on-line modules for those interested in both care/support and hospitality/domestic roles.  

ACSA is also continuing to facilitate On-Demand Training programs and is working with Aged Care organisations to identify the urgent training priorities of the sector. Our on-demand training is delivered online through facilitated workshops and tailored to the needs of your organisation. These are not only customised to your requirements but can also be offered immediately.

ACSA’s full calendar of Training and Professional Development programs accommodates the needs of the sector and supports your workforce to have the skills and knowledge required to provide quality services to older Australians.

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