An Investment in our Workforce is an Investment in our Seniors

After recently welcoming new team members in SA, QLD, NT and WA, ACSA’s Workforce & Industry Development (W & ID) unit is now truly a national team, with representation in all states of Australia.

04 Sep 2019

The demand for aged care services will increase substantially over the next 40 years and the W & ID unit are providing much-needed support to enable the sector to grow and adapt its workforce.

ACSA now has 30 W & ID Officers to work with individual organisations and to support the sector as a whole.  The unit provides W & ID feet on the ground in all states of Australia, including regional and remote areas, to attract, recruit and retain the workforce required for a sustainable future.

Through our W&ID initiatives and programs, ACSA are helping to ensure we have the right-fit people with the right skills and knowledge.  We are also growing the competencies and capabilities of the sector through our range of Training and Professional development programs.

Via networking, collaboration and providing valuable resources and information, we are bringing together our stakeholders including aged service organisations, government bodies, RTO’s and job service providers.  

Together we must invest in our dedicated workers who are committed to providing the highest level of care.

ACSA is proudly at the forefront to help organisations achieve their workforce and industry development objectives. Our work is essential for supporting and developing a qualified aged care workforce.

We will work together to continue to grow and develop the workforce that is needed to ensure a good quality of life for older Australians into the future.

If you would like any info on W & ID Initiatives and Programs, please get in touch with Lee Veitch, Workforce & Industry Development Manager, via email or call (03) 9863 9694 or 0409 415 923.