ACSA partners to help spread the word on My Health Record

ACSA today announced a partnership with Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to mark the beginning of the My Health Record Expansion Program which will ensure all ACSA members are kept informed about the new, streamlined approach to individual health records.

16 Jul 2018

ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow said My Health Record would be of great benefit to older Australians as well as aged
care facilities and staff, carers, families and health care professionals by providing access to all of an
individual’s health-related information in one place.

“My Health Record promises to be an empowering tool for older Australians, giving them the ability to share
and control their health records with all healthcare professionals whether doctors, hospitals or other,” Ms
Sparrow said.

“Older Australians need to be supported in healthy ageing and this streamlined approach to informationsharing
promises to improve the flow of information from hospital to home to residential aged care and
ultimately contribute to the quality of care for an individual.”

Doctors, pharmacists and authorised healthcare providers will be able to access a person’s My Health Record
to assist in their treatment of patients and issues such as prescription of medicines and advance care planning.
ACSA’s partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) will assist in getting the word out to
members about the benefits of My Health Record for older Australians.

In coming days, ACSA will share information with member organisations about the benefits of using a My
Health Record, including reduced hospital admissions, reduced duplication of tests, better-coordinated care,
and better-informed treatment decisions.

For those people who choose not to have a My Health Record, there is a three-month period – from 16 July to
15 October. ACSA and the ADHA will also provide information on how to opt-out if an individual chooses not
to have a record.

Commenting on the launch today of the My Health Record Expansion Program, Australian Digital Health
Agency (ADHA) CEO Tim Kelsey said that the benefits of digital health for patients are significant and

“Having a My Health Record means that your important health information such as allergies, current
conditions and treatments, medicine details, and pathology and diagnostic imaging reports can be digitally
stored in one place.

“My Health Record also places Australians in control of their healthcare and gives authorised healthcare
providers secure digital access to key health information at the point of care, wherever that may be,” Mr
Kelsey said.

By the end of 2018, the Agency will have a digitised My Health Record for all Australians except those who
choose to opt out.

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