ACSA has partnered with Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP) to launch the ACSA Quality Portal, now available for ACSA members.

ACSA Quality Portal is a tailored version of Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), Australia's leading online solution used by more than 1500 aged care, community service and healthcare providers for accreditation, standards compliance, and continuous quality management, as well as for managing risk and performance. 

Whether you are a new or existing provider, the ACSA Quality Portal will help you quickly and easily identify the differences between the new Aged Care Quality Standards and the Home Care and Residential Aged Care standards, as well as any gaps in your compliance. 

The ACSA Quality Portal also provides comprehensive ongoing compliance and quality improvement support. 

Get started with a free, two week trial or a full subscription and receive the following benefits:

  • Streamline your transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards;
  • All of your ongoing compliance work and quality improvement on the one platform; and
  • Save up to 80% of your compliance time.


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