Federal Budget 2022-23

ACSA has compiled an initial overview of key budget figures and announcements relating to ageing and aged care. At a glance figures are outlined below with a more detailed summary available for members. 

We will continue to analyse the budget over coming days and provide additional detail to members via ACSA Weekly, and at this Friday's Federal Budget Briefing webinar.

Budget at a glance for Ageing and Aged Care

Response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety:

► 215,289 additional Home Care packages since 2013:

     o 163,105 since 2018, which includes 40,000 additional Home Care packages in 2022–23.

► Improved administration of Medication Management in Residential Aged Care through on site pharmacists and community pharmacy services ($345.7m)

► Growing the workforce through training including an additional 15,000 low fee and free training places supported by the JobTrainer Fund ($48.5m)

► Strengthening providers through better quality monitoring ($21.6m)

► Residential Aged Care Services Sustainability Transition Fund ($20.1m)

► Regional Stewardship governance model extension ($6.1m)

► Multidisciplinary Outreach Service ($22.1m)

COVID 19 related:

► Aged Care Workforce Bonus Payments ($215.3m in 2022–23, and $657.5m since March 2020)

► Extension of the Aged Care Preparedness Grant ($124.9m)

► Pathology testing in aged care ($22.1m)

► Infection prevention and control ($37.6m)

► Training nurses to immunise in aged care ($50.4m)

► Ensuring aged care has appropriate personal protective equipment ($1.09b)



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