2021 ACSA Aged Care Awards

Eligibility, Nominations & Conditions



To be eligible for an award, all nominees - both individuals and organisations - must be current ACSA members and involved in the care of older persons in Australia.

  • A maximum of three (3) nominations will be accepted per organisation, per individual category type, per state/territory.
  • A maximum of one (1) nomination will be accepted per organisation, per organisation category type, per state/territory.
  • The head office of providers applying for the Regional, Rural, Remote (RRR) Provider of the Year must be located in an area that is classified as regional, rural or remote. Organisations with a RRR facility, but a head office located in a metropolitan area, do not qualify.
  • Corporate and aged care supplier organisations are ineligible.
  • Nominated organisations and individuals must currently be working in the aged services industry in Australia.


Nominations & Conditions

  • All nominations are to be submitted electronically via the Awards website, by no later than 5pm (local time) on the closing date.
  • Nominees may self-nominate, however selfnominations must be supported by the employing organisation, where relevant.
  • Nominees must inform their employing organisation that they intend to submit a nomination.
  • Where eligible, nominations for more than one award category may be made by an organisation.
  • Organisations cannot submit the same application for the same category across multiple states/territories.
  • Each entry in each category requires an individual nomination form to be completed.
  • All nominations will be kept confidential.
  • No alterations are permitted by the submitting organisation/individual after the date of submission.
  • ACSA’s decision to accept entries will be based on the completeness and correctness of the submission. Any submission that does not have sufficient detail or does not address the entry requirements will be deemed to be invalid. Invalid entrants will be notified, and no correspondence will be entered into. Invalid entrants will not have an opportunity to resubmit.
  • All decisions regarding award winners are final and no correspondence will be entered into. These decisions cannot be appealed.
  • Award submissions will become the property of ACSA once they are received and will be assessed and judged by the judging panel. Judges will use the submission in its entirety to undertake their assessment.
  • ACSA reserves the right to use all or any of the material entered into the awards for promotional purposes. Entrants must be willing to share knowledge and experiences by allowing ACSA to publicise their achievements. No payment of royalties or other charges for the use of materials submitted to the awards will be provided.
  • Nominators and finalists must agree to be contacted by ACSA or the awards judging panel to verify any information submitted and the eligibility of the nominee.
  • ACSA reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke an award from any recipient organisation or individual if evidence emerges (to the satisfaction of ACSA) that the recipient has engaged in activity that is unlawful or does not align with ACSA’s values.
  • All nominations will be acknowledged with a receipt of confirmation. Please contact ACSA via if you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submitting your application.
  • It is up to the individual finalists to cover any costs relating to their attendance and/ or travel to the State/Territory or National Awards events.
  • ACSA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. All entrants agree to abide by the most recent version.


Selection Criteria

  • All entrants must complete the official nomination form and address the following selection criteria for the category to which the submission relates.
  • Nominations must directly address the criteria for the category in 3000 characters or less (approx. 500-600 words).
  • A supporting photograph should be submitted in high resolution for print purposes (300dpi).
  • No other supporting attachments outside of the requested materials will be considered during the
  • judging process.
  • Award submissions must specify only one (1) state/territory. If an organisation has selected multiple states/territories, ACSA reserves the right to allocate the submission to a state/territory of its choosing.


The full selection criteria for each award category is available in the ACSA Awards Nomination Submission Guide.


  • ACSA will appoint a judging panel in each state/territory.
  • The judging panel will use the selection criteria and submitted response to undertake its assessment. Judges are not required to use the supplementary documents to make their decision. Judges may call for additional information or clarification on individual applications.
  • The judging panel will have discretion when considering nominations. No correspondence will be entered into in respect of a judging panel decision and a judging panel decision cannot be appealed.
  • There will be one (1) winner awarded in each category (unless no nominations have been received for that category). There cannot be multiple winners per category.
  • If there is only one (1) nomination in a category, that organisation or individual will automatically be the winner for that category - as long as the judging panel and ACSA can determine they meet the award criteria.
  • The ACSA Board reserves the right to make any other awards, whether nominations in respect of the award have been made or not.
  • All attempts will be made to ensure there is no conflict of interest between members of the judging panel and those submitting nominations.



Download the Awards Nomination Submission Guide.

Considering nominating?

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