Understanding Your Enterprise Agreement

Employee Relations

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The objective of this 1-day course is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions of the new ACSA template Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2017-2020. Understanding Your New Enterprise Agreement is critical to the effective management of the employment relationship in your workplace. If the EA applies in your workplace, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. The EA will soon be implemented in over 80 member organisations. The terms and conditions of the EA will apply to the majority of employees employed by ACSA members in NSW and the ACT.

The training has been designed to enable you to understand the structure of the EA, its clauses and how they apply to your employees using real life scenarios. The EA where possible has been designed to be a flexible document, many of the clauses being facilitative rather than prescriptive. Understanding the EA will allow you to take advantage of the flexibilities and ensure you comply with your obligations.


Target Audience

Anyone who manages employees, their entitlements and rosters. Care Managers, DONs, Supervisors, Section Leaders, HR and Payroll Officers will all benefit from this comprehensive training. 


Expected Outcomes

  • How the EA differs from the previous EA
  • How to correctly classify and pay employees
  • Summary of the National Employment Standards (NES) and how they apply to your workplace
  • Determination of employee entitlements including leave, penalty rates, allowances etc.
  • The interactions between entitlements
  • Management of parental leave entitlements
  • Implications of rostering arrangements
  • Suggestions to maximise the benefits of your EA in your workplace



Registrations close two weeks prior course commencement

This course will be conducted subject to sufficient registrations

Late registrations will be accepted for confirmed courses




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