Residential Aged Care Funding in a Nutshell


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This course has been designed to explain in detail, with working examples; the intricacies of the funding of residential aged care for those who need or would like to understand how it works or who are new to the industry. 

Target Audience

This course is designed for Chief Executive Officers/Board Members, Managers & Financial Officers, Nursing/Care Managers, Administrators and Administrative Staff

Expected Outcomes

  • This course provides an analysis of the financial aspect of aged care.  It covers:
  • The basic daily care subsidy.
  • The financial implications of ACFI.
  • Details of current and pre 1 July 2014 supplements.
  • Explanation of the Supported Resident Supplement and its financial implications.
  • Details of fees paid by residents.
  • Means tested fees.
  • Explanation including examples of RADs & DAPs and RACs & DACs.
  • Information of pre 1 July 2014 accommodation payments.    
  • Prudential arrangements
  • Explanation of the monthly Payment Statement from the Department of Health.
  • Financial benchmarking.
  • Strategies to beat occupancy problems.
  • Other matters


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