Reablement, Recovery and Independence

Better Practice Project



Older people are too often seen and known only by their deficits – what they can’t do and the assumptions we make about the limitations negatively impact the person.


Participants will gain new insights and strategies to support older people to meet the Reablement requirements of CHSP through exploration of:

  • Enabling approaches to promote independence, recovery and Reablement. 
  • How we support the person to feel motivated to regain confidence   and capacity to engage in their best life.
  • Time-limited interventions
  • Targeted person specific goals
  • Desired outcome to adapt to some functional loss

Target Audience

Managers, Team Leaders, Support Workers, Volunteers

Expected Outcomes

  • To describe the concepts of Independence, Recovery & Reablement
  • To increase your knowledge about the benefits of focusing on Recovery and Independence
  • To understand how the shift from traditional approaches to enabling ones promotes greater independence for people
  • To identify skills to strengthen newly learned concepts & enhance Re-ablement outcomes for older people


This workshop is FREE to CHSP and HACC Providers (Code:  CHSP2018)



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