What we do

Our Strategic Objectives are to:

BE the leader.

  • Provide sector leadership
  • Develop strategic policy
  • Lead and respond to the reform agenda
  • Own an information base (data and evidence)
  • Advocate for the sector/industry

BE there for our members.

  • Understand member needs
  • Provide for Regional, Rural and Remote
  • Develop the sector’s workforce
  • Improve the image of the sector/industry

BE the connection.

  • Government
  • Consumers
  • Workers
  • Peak bodies within and outside the sector
  • Between members

BE effective.

  • Provide leadership at all levels within ACSA
  • Lead by example for our sector/industry
  • Enhance ACSA’s service offering
    • Provide policy support
    • Generate opportunity for members
    • Support high-quality business practice
    • Assist in responding to changes in the market


Click here to view ACSA's Strategic Directions 2016-19

Click here to view ACSA's Operational Plan 2017-18